We Have Exciting News!

by Nicole Franco

First off, apologies for falling off the face of the Earth. You know when you think you can take on anything and then pile on everything onto your plate, but then drop the plate and you have a huge f*cking mess? Yeah, that’s where I was at. I think sometimes everyone has to loose their shit and take a step back to figure out what you’re doing here. Which is exactly what I did, I pulled back and had to regroup myself. But I’m back, and properly prepared to take on said plate full of tasks.

So without further ado, I give you Too Gold Collective, a carefully curated collection of vintage pieces for you to shop! *insert emoji clapping hands*

I’ve honestly been working on this project for over a year now and probably should have launched it sooner. But starting a new business is absolutely terrifying and exciting at the same time. It’s like this small little idea in your brain is fully coming to life because you yourself are taking steps to bring it to life. There’s days when you are completely overwhelmed and have crippling anxiety and think to yourself “what do I think I’m doing? This is going to suck”. And then you have days where you just roll with your intuition and you KNOW that it actually will not suck.┬áSo after a year of going back and forth deciding whether I should continue with this idea, changing the name, the site design, logo, and pretty much every detail down to the font of the checkout buttons (can you tell I’m a crazy perfectionist?) its finally here!

I think my idea for Too Gold Collective came about when I started to get frustrated with the “influencer/blogger” industry (side note: I despise those words). In my opinion, the industry has become homogenous – everyone looks the same, takes the same photos, goes to the same trendy coffee shops to take a picture of their latte, uses the same presets, #revolvearoundtheworld, buys the same Gucci bag, you get my point. And I realized I had fallen into that trap when I kept buying these “blogger approved” items, photographed them, and never touched them again. I HATE when I do that! And why did I? Well because I listened to the industry, because they said they were cool when in reality I would never have purchased any of them in the first place.

My goal with Too Gold Collective is to change that. Anything I have curated in the collective I would wear myself. This is my way of sharing with you guys my favorite pieces that I’ve found in my vintage searches. I honestly believe vintage/second hand shopping is the best way to figure out your own style. And it also helps save the planet because if you didn’t know, us fashion people are the second largest source of pollution in the world after oil. That’s pretty gross and definitely needs to change.

So I hope you love Too Gold Collective! Shop here & follow on Instagram! And stay tuned for more TGS updates and changes (restructuring this too, the next task on my plate).




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  1. Talyssa says:

    Congratulations in launching your own fashion store!! I’m checking out your store right now!

    The Hidden Thimble

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