My Top Shelf and Skin Care Regimen

by Nicole Franco

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If anyone knows me personally you probably know that I am insanely particular about my skincare routine. I use about 15 products (possibly more), different ones for morning and night, and if I don’t do my regimen I go a little crazy. My friends have always made fun of me because it takes me about 15 minutes to “wash my face” but my routine works so its whatevs. It’s honestly taken me YEARS and thousands of dollars (yes thousands which resulted in me being oh so close to VIB Rouge every year) to finally find a line up of products that actually works so I thought I’d share with you guys!

First off, the one thing that completely changed my skin was changing my diet. I was breaking out so bad when I was living in New York and couldn’t figure out why. I was using all the expensive products and had great skin underneath but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until I realized I was eating and stressing my body into the grave that everything changed. It took me a few years to completely change my diet, and to be honest I’m still working on it. I stopped eating gluten, dairy, and meat which was, to my surprise, causing most of my breakouts.

Second, I’ve come to realize that I am extremely sensitive to stress and stressful situations. I don’t handle stress well, as much as I’d like to think I do, I don’t. Living in NYC I was constantly stressed, anxious, and reeking havoc on my body without even realizing it. Being in a state of anxiousness was just the norm, I never knew what it was like to actually calm down and relax. Even moving back to Arizona didn’t help my skin much (I think it was the dry air and not actually liking where I lived). When I moved to San Diego my skin literally did a 180 and cleared up almost immediately. Maybe its living near the ocean and the moisture/salt in the air or the fact that I absolutely love it here but what ever it is, it did wonders for my skin.

So moral of my story: figure out what works for you! I know there’s thousands of beauty bloggers and reviews on different “trendy” products and its great to try them all but I think skin care goes deeper than what you put on your skin. You could be using $500 lotions and potions but if you are feeding your body absolute shit, it’s going to show. Eating real foods and taking care of YOU as a whole will be the best thing you could do for yourself and your skin.

The Skin Care Routine

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed is drink a glass of water. Your body has been or will be resting sans water for 7-8 hours (ideally) so hydration is key. For the AM, I wash my face with Erno Laszlo Firmarine Cleansing Oil. I love that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped of all its necessary oils but is still refreshing. And at night I take off my makeup with the Dermalogica Precleanse Balm and the nifty little scrubber it comes with. Then I wash my face with the Le Metier de Beaute Daily Refresh Cleanser. I love this face wash because it gives me a gentle exfoliation. I then use the Pixi Glow Tonic toner morning and night. THIS STUFF GIVES ME LIFE. Seriously. Highly recommend if anyone has acne prone skin. Next I use on the Skin Authority Resurfacing Accelerator and the Topical Elixir. Together they keep my skin exfoliated and glowing. After that I use the L’Unico High Potency Vitamin C Serum. This may be the best vitamin C serum I’ve ever used. I have dark spots from breakouts and this cleared them up within a few days of using it. Another product I highly recommend trying. Then I put a few drops of the Bloom Super-Potent Healing Serum by Crude. I’m also obsessed with this product. I ran out and didn’t use it while I waited for it to be delivered and noticed a difference in my skin without it. This is another product I recommend for breakout prone skin.

Depending on how my skin feels I’ll use a couple drops of Argan Oil from Trader Joe’s. It’s $7 I think and it makes my skin feel amazing especially after those nights out when my skin really needs some help. It’s also great to put in my hair for those extra humid days. Next I use the Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series The Fixer Solid Oil and the Cold Plasma Face. I’m not gonna lie, I never thought I could be in love with a product as much as I am with the Cold Plasma. My skin feels like a baby’s bottom every morning and I credit that to the Cold Plasma Face.

After I put on my fav product I move on to eye creams. In the morning I use the Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift. This. Works. Wonders. Especially if I haven’t slept, or am hungover, or just need some extra help looking well rested. It has a a cooling applicator that instantly makes you feel like you have your life together, even if you don’t. At night I switch between the Erno Laszlo Firmarine Eye Serum, the L’Unico Neuropeptide Firming Eye Therapy, and the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Sometimes I use the L’Unico Youth Essence Day Cream and Regenerative Neuropeptide Night Formula if my skin is really struggling. And because they are v expensive and I pretty much treat them like gold because they work so well. And lastly to keep it all together, the moisturizers. I use the Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series Daily Brightening Moisturizer with SPF 30 for the day and the Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer at night. Also thinking about buying a Jade Roller which apparently using it helps relieve tension and absorb products better so I’ll keep you guys updated on that.

Now that I’ve written it all out I realize I actually may be crazy and have a problem. But like I said this works for me and it may not work for others. A few of my life goals are to remain healthy and never have to get botox so there is a reason for this madness.


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  1. Imogen says:

    All the products you mention sound amazing! I haven’t noticed a difference since using my vitamin C serum (like, at all) so I would absolutely love to try the one you mentioned! You use such high-quality products which really do reflect in your complexion, your skin is beautiful xx

    Thank you for the post <3


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