Living for Summer Dresses

by Nicole Franco






Usually when temps get this high in Arizona I’m already repeating my usual One Teaspoon shorts and tshirt outfit. But this spring/summer all I feel like wearing are lightweight dresses, which is very unusual for me.

I never have been a big fan of dresses. I’ve always just been more of a jeans and a top kind of girl. I feel like most people, including myself sometimes, usually think of a dress as something that you only wear to an event of some sort not as an everyday look. If you think about it dresses are actually probably one of the easiest go to items you can own in your closet. It is essentially a ready to go outfit and all you have to do is just pick your shoes and bag and you’re done and out the door.

I’ve always told anyone who asks me for style advice to reach for a dress anytime you don’t know what to wear. Whether you are just running late to work because you snoozed one too many times or had way too much to drink the night before, wearing a dress will make you look put together every single time. Pull your hair back into a bun and throw on some lipstick and look like you are totally winning at life even if you are a complete mess on the inside. I swear this trick works every. single. time.

I’m totally obsessed with the tea dress trend that is happening right now thanks to brands like Reformation and Realisation Par. I love that you can dress them up with heels or down with a pair of slides or sneakers. I love that they are lightweight and flowy, the perfect combination for a day in the summer heat.

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Express dress (different color) | Zara shoes | Cais bag | Urban Outfitters sunnies

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6 responses to “Living for Summer Dresses”

  1. Steal4Style says:

    This dress is gorgeous! I like the simplicity of this outfit. The bag adds so much value to this look. Great combination!

  2. MIRJAM says:

    Have it with you: For years I was a tee+shorts girl, but since some seasons, I love dresses too! Think they are so easy to combine and you look immediately great! Love your look, of course especially the dress!
    xx Mirjam |

  3. i love flowy dresses for summer! great combo hun!

  4. I’m addicted to your beautiful Dress, hun! You look absolutely stunning!

    xx Sarah-Allegra

  5. sunny says:

    Great….Wardrobe….especially when its in Black and white shade

  6. GOindiastore says:

    SO pretty! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

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