Welcome to the Jungle: Leopard Print Is Trending

by Nicole Franco

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There’s no doubt you’ve probably seen at least one style blogger wearing this season’s newest trends: leopard print. Although its technically not a new trend (actually more of a classic), its definitely gaining traction in the style blogger community. The idea of wearing animal print can be a bit scary but theres a science behind looking chic in leopard print instead of cheap. We went ahead broken down the main things to look for while shopping anything leopard print.

Look at the Print

Ok this may sound like a no brainer but first things first about leopard: you HAVE to look at the print.The trick to pulling off leopard and looking chic is making sure the print looks good. Take a step back and see if you can tell if the print has been repeated over and over again on the garment, almost like they copied and pasted the same 8 square inches. If you see that pattern, put it back. Leopard print should look random for it to look luxe. And larger leopard spots tend to look better than smaller spots.

Stick with the Neutrals

I think this is the biggest styling tip with leopard. Treat it as a neutral and also style it with neutrals. Its already a statement piece itself so don’t over do it by adding even more leopard or lots of color to it. Also blue and hot pink leopard print anything is a no, just no.

Fabric Matters

For leopard print anything to look chic you definitely have to take into consideration the fabric. Stick to satins, silks, and pony hair and maybe denim if the print is right.

No Shoes or Bags

This may be just a personal preference but stay away from bags and shoes if you are trying out this trend. I know bloggers and stylists usually advise to start trying trends with accessories but this is an exception. We’ve rarely seen a leopard print shoe or bag done right that didn’t cost upwards of $1,000. They need to be pony hair and the print obviously has to be done well. Any shoe or bag thats not pony hair just usually reads cheap to us.

So thats it! Four easy things to keep in mind while shopping for anything leopard. Honestly, this is probably one of the harder trends/prints to shop. To make your lives easier we have also picked our favorite leopard printed items out there. Shop them below!



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